Although “robo signing” was officially uncovered in 2009-2010, these questionable document practices go back to the 1990s. Several large banks were forced to stop their foreclosures when the robo-signing scandal was discovered, paving the way for homeowners to challenge their foreclosures in court. Banks cannot legally foreclose on a house if the foreclosure paperwork is not in order. If the affidavits submitted to the court by the bank are false (robo-signed document), then the foreclosure should not go through. Banks have foreclosed on MILLIONS of homeowners using these false and fraudulent documents.

As the recession gained momentum, the banks were met with an increasing amount of homeowners that were now unable to pay their mortgages. In order to “fix” the problem of missing paperwork of loan ownership, the banks will routinely use affidavits signed by “employees” who did not personally review the necessary documents or have knowledge of the “business records”. These same “employees” also had no knowledge of whether or not the homeowner was actually in default, and most importantly whether or not the bank that was foreclosing actually owns the loan. Employees for financial giants like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank and GMAC have all stated that they signed THOUSANDS of affidavits each month, spending only about 30 seconds on each affidavit.

Probably the most famous of the many “Robo-Signers” that have been discovered is “Linda Green”, who was an employee of DOCX based out of Alpharetta Georgia. DOCX is now a defunct subdivision of Lender Processor Services located in Jacksonville, Florida. Lenders hired companies like DOCX to re-create the missing documents that banks needed to complete foreclosures. Employees such as Linda Green, and others who were not actually Linda Green, were signing hundreds or thousands of mortgage documents daily on behalf of a several banks. In review of several mortgage documents, Linda Green was acting as “Vice President” for up to TWENTY BANKS…ALL AT THE SAME TIME, including American Home Mortgage Servicing, Deutsche Bank, Citi Residential Lending, and Wells Fargo!! There is also OVER TWENTY VARIATIONS in the signatures of Linda Green…PROVING that other people were signing as “Linda Green”.
One does not need any “special training” whatsoever when looking at these signatures to know that multiple people were forging the signature of Linda Green on documents that were used to foreclose steal peoples homes without the legal authority to do so.The fraud is clear since each of these signatures is different from the next.

NOTARY FRAUD WAS ALSO COMMITTED.THE SIGNATURES ON THE MORTGAGE DOCUMENTS WERE NOT WITNESSED BY A NOTARY.A notary public is an official who authenticates the signing of a document. In other words, the notary’s stamp and signature is an official declaration that the other signatures on the document are true signatures, not forgeries. Generally, a notary public directly observes the person who signs a document and verifies that person’s identity, thus certifying that the document is legal and authentic.If a notary is not watching the person sign the document and is in fact confirming that the person signing it is that person – then the document is not legal.%uFEFF
The Television Show “60 Minutes” aired an incredible story in April 2011 detailing how DOCX is putting the ownership of hundreds of thousands of homes in jeopardy by forging documents in an attempt to create a paperwork trail that never existed.;cbsCarousel

The story details how DOCX hired people (including Linda Green) for $10 an hour to sign as many documents as possible without actually reading or understanding what they were signing. Linda Green’s name was a popular choice on the mortgage documents, because her name was simple to remember and easy to sign. These robo-signers were given a stack of paperwork each day that needed signatures, and each employee was expected to sign approximately 350 documents per hour. These workers signed whatever signature was needed on any particular document, WHICH IS A FELONY IN MOST STATES.
It has become difficult if not impossible to prove in a court of law who has clear ownership rights to any particular property in this country.
By using these “bogus” documents created by DOCX and other document mills, the banks continue to perpetrate fraud on our courts and damage the integrity of the judicial system, by foreclosing on homes without having any legal authority to do so.

DOCX is currently the subject of several civil and criminal investigations and lawsuits into these robo-signing activities.